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Four key questions

Our video reviewers are tired of some of the – sometimes unintentional – misbehavior of brands or manufactures. They often mis-represent how a product looks, works, feels or whatever.

Nowadays more and more people buy online without the benefit of experiencing a product in real live. A product video review is the ONLY way people can get some sense of what a product is all about.

Our video reviewers understand this and create easy accessible mainstream video reviews of product they bought or endorse. That way they prevent buyers remorse that any online shoppers has . How convenient is that.

That’s easy. You benefit 3x times. How? As member you can 

  • Bookmark videos -For when you are shopping online and
    so you don’t have to start all over again.
  • Organized videos – For an even better shopping overview and for future reference as user guide or after you bought the product
  • Rate videos – so our video reviewer community can improve.

“As member you never lose track of what products are important to you”

And.. your can invite new members, join group discussions and many things more. 

  • Easy – you will never have buyer’s remorse again.  

Do you not hate when you spend hours finding the right or best product to buy – only to find out after your received the product at home – that the real product is not as you expected.

The solution: Watch a product video review before you buy any product

  • Youtube is free – so it doesn’t make sense for you to pay.
  • We believe we found a win-win for everyone.  You will see relevant and meaningful product video reviews, relevant advertisements. All  so you can benefit from never having buyer’s remorse again.

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I used to search for product reviews on Youtube. But it is hard to keep track of what’s is important, let alone remember videos you watched a long time ago. Youtubes Playlists become unorganized fast. 


I love that you can bookmark important video reviews and create your own folders. Now I make sure I watch those videos before I buy a product. 


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Summery Member Benefits

psst - it's forever free -

- Bookmark -

for future reference

- Organize -

for an even better overview

- Rate & comment -

so our creator community can improve

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